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Information and Technology: Thematic Course of IG 08

The thematic interest group course IG 08 was identified from the analysis of the papers presented in oral communication and poster, during the years 2008-2016. The qualitative and quantitative study took place from the domain analysis, to identify how the approach of technologies inside the IG 08 from seven categories of structured analysis from the menu of the IG and the proposal of Santos et al. (2013), identifying themes, authors, and institutions in each of them. This step of the study resulted in the mapping of the IG 08 – Information and Technology, with the display of the main approaches about the technologies in the context of IG 08, your distribution in terms of presentation and the rankings of authorship and of institutions.
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Conference Paper

Contextualizing theoretical concepts on Online Social Networks data collecting…

The use of Online Social Network services raise concerns in the way information from individuals is shared, such as starting from the process of collecting data from users that are stored in the institutions that own this services. The purpose of this study is to establish a contextualization of the concepts involved in the data collection available at online social network services, based on the analysis of content in technical-operational documents and in Terms of Use, and by an exploration of the characteristics of the data collection interfaces. Read more “Contextualizing theoretical concepts on Online Social Networks data collecting process”


Super Nintendo (SNES) Project: Day 3 – Retrobrite

After the cleaning process, I wake up 8 am to prepare all ABS plastic parts that need to be repaired, with that yellowed aspect by actions of time. To achieve that, I decide to choose an industrial prepared solution with Glycerin and Hydrogen peroxide to make the retrobrite process. This kind of product is used in hair salons and other beauty treatments. It’s very easy to find in Brazil in large bottles at a fair price, mainly because Brazilian women profile, I guess. LOL Read more “Super Nintendo (SNES) Project: Day 3 – Retrobrite”