Super Nintendo (SNES) Project: Day 2 – Cleaning

Today was time for shopping some products that I needed to clean up everything before starting to apply retrobrite on the console.  To be more precise, I bought a toothbrush with soft bristles, a pack of Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), a roll of Polyvinyl chloride film (known as PVC plastic film or plastic film), a bottle with 900ml (30oz) of a solution based in Glycerin and Hydrogen peroxide (used by Hair Salons and on beauty treatments), and some disposable cleaning towels without alcohol. To find and buy these products and came back to my house took almost my entire morning! (An issue related to living in a large city) ;-(

The next step was finishing the removal of circuits and other things that can’t be wet from ABS plastics. In fact, this step is easy to disassemble, but it needs to be careful collecting screws, springs, and silicon-based layers. To be honest, I’m surprised with the aspects of ABS plastic and circuits, especially internally. However, this is not the reality found on stickers, requiring at least two to be replaced: the power switch message (that came almost blank) and the bottom barcode (that simple change to dust when I tried to remove some two void seals above it). Read more “Super Nintendo (SNES) Project: Day 2 – Cleaning”

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Actions to make government datasets available in Linked Open…

The principles of Linked Open Data (LOD) establish a new way of sharing datasets opened by the Internet, aiming to promote the wide distribution of structured data in languages, such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and in compliance with the recommendations of the Resource Description Framework (RDF).

In this scenario, government datasets play a prominent role: they represent 18.58% of the total number of existing LOD datasets and 41.54% of these government datasets have at least one relationship with ontologies or controlled vocabularies, according to the results of the mapping developed by Linking Open Data cloud diagram.

However,  there are still characteristics in the LOD dataset structures at the moment of data retrieval that is not considered ideal nor adopted good practices, such as the absence of metadata and licenses information. Actions to make public government data accessible are an integral part of discussions on trends in the modernization of public administration models, which seek to redistribute skills and resources among different intra-governmental and extra-governmental organizations, allowing greater institutional pluralism in public functions. Read more “Actions to make government datasets available in Linked Open Data”

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Development of strategy for quality measurement criteria in datasets…

This paper describes a study conducted by Open Data for Development documents, in the retrieval phase and focusing on data quality, especially in analyzing structures found on government datasets pages, in order to identify ways to measure data quality aspects. Read more “Development of strategy for quality measurement criteria in datasets retrieval available on government websites”