The build of access points to Government’s Datasets based on a Multidimensional Model

Environments for access to government data, via Information Technologies and Communications, may expand possibilities for citizen monitoring, providing feedback for future demands.

The objective of this study is to present a proposal for a multidimensional model that allows the creation of different access points to unique government’s data set, using the Data Warehouse concept, anticipating future data access demands.

As a theoretical and methodological reference, the text uses the concepts Business Intelligence and Intelligence Citizen.

As a result, was elaborated a model proposal with nine dimensions from the query ‘Detalhamento Diário das Despesas’, available on the Portal de Transparência do Governo Federal website.

Keywords: Public Transparency. Information and Communication Technologies. Collecting Data. Citizen Intelligence. Data Warehouse.


  1. Fernando de Assis Rodrigues
  2. Ricardo César Gonçalves Sant’Ana

Full text available* at:

* Only in Brazilian Portuguese.

  1. II International Meeting Data, Information, and Technology
  2. Research Gate


Fernando de Assis Rodrigues, B.Sc., M.S., Ph.D., is a professor at Federal University of Pará (UFPA), Brazil.