Super Nintendo (SNES) Project: Day 1


As part of a hobby of mine, today I’ll start to document a Super Nintendo (SNES) project. As a millennial Brazilian middle-class teenager, I grew up around 16-bit consoles, being an owner of a SNES and a Sega Genesis consoles.

Unfortunately, my mother gave away both of them to my cousins 🙁 In fact, she did that trying to be good to my relatives offering a console to parents that didn’t have financial conditions to buy one, even PlayStation era. Anyway, the damage was done.

So, yesterday I won a USA SNES set on the box, with something fixes to do. It’s a combo set that includes a Super Mario All Stars cartridge besides the Super Mario World.

To short a long story: the set came to me without the AV cable and only with one controller. It’s missing both cartridges too but came with a Top Gear 2 in a good condition.

The first thing that I will do it’s a completely disassembling, buy some spare parts, and a retrobrite (retr0brite) process to recover plastic parts.

I take some photos of all parts from my phone camera because my tripod didn’t come from China yet. Sorry guys!


Fernando de Assis Rodrigues, B.Sc., M.S., Ph.D., is a professor at Federal University of Pará (UFPA), Brazil.