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Slow Fashion, Circular and Creative Economy for Environmental Sustainability…

The protagonism that Information and Communication Technologies have gained nowadays has led to virtual spaces of interrelationship, such as Online Social Network Services, expanding the communication possibilities of the most diverse social groups. From the environmental point of view, sustainable movements that aim to promote a more conscious consumption pattern have opportunities for visibility and dissemination of their principles in these virtual spaces.

This article aims to identify and analyze the spread of the principles of the Slow Fashion movement in an Online Social Network Service, Instagram, as an alternative to conscious consumption of clothing that transits between the concepts of Circular Economy and Creative Economy.

This is exploratory and descriptive research, with a qualitative approach, which verifies the presence of Slow Fashion on Instagram from a strategy of information retrieval from the use of keywords, configuring the exploratory part of this research. The results indicate that Slow Fashion is a movement with adherence in Brazil and has a presence on the Instagram platform. It is concluded that facing the ecological crisis, Instagram can contribute to the change of individual habits toward more sustainable consumption.

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