Mapping of information technologies on Open data in Public Health

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Mapping of information technologies on Open data in Public…

Brazilian public health is a subject that is evident in the media, and its discussion on the quality of public health services provided to citizens encompasses various social actors and raises questions such as the destination of the application of financial resources lending coming from the Federal Government.

The construction of mechanisms, via Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), that allow these actors to relate government financial resources to their respective destinations, leads to the expansion of public monitoring of State actions in this sector and increases both the possibilities of citizen participation in mechanisms of control over the State and the follow-up of the activities and processes of the public administration.

In this scenario, it is also important to ensure that access to this information is open to any public and that the data on this subject complies with the principles of Open Data, which ensures the construction, outside the public administration and its official web sites, of graphics and visualizations and the crossing of this data with other sources of information.

The general objective of this research is to identify, in official web sites of the Brazilian Federal Government, existing technological resources with the purpose of making accessible the governmental data on the forwarding of the financial lendings destined to the area of ​​public health and the presentation of prototype as reference element for construction of technological resources that allow the location of data sources on the destination of financial resources destined for public health.

The methodology is the exploratory analysis of four official sites, found through search engines, related to the Federal Government: the National Treasury Secretariat (Ministry of Finance), the National Health Fund (Ministry of Health), the Transparency of the Federal Government (General Controller of the Union) and the Department of Informatics of the Unified Health System (Ministry of Health).

In each web site were identified the information resources, containing a set of queries related to the theme of this study and its characteristics as search options, filters, technologies involved in the data recovery process, available consultation period, current data and spheres involved.

For each query a survey of the retrieved data sets was carried out, pointing out characteristics of each attribute as the description, type of data and type of content. With this, each query can be related to the eight principles of open data, pointing out which principles have been or are not met.

The results are the access conditions of each informational resource; the prior knowledge needed to acquire data; the synthesis of the service of the sites; the information resources and the consultations with the principles of open data; the link between consultations and the allocation of financial resources; and the proposal of a prototype.

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Fernando de Assis Rodrigues, B.Sc., M.S., Ph.D., is a professor at Federal University of Pará (UFPA), Brazil.

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